Preview 8/Chapter 32: Rudy & Jaz

Jaz was speechless for a moment. She looked at Rudy’s smiling simple face and questioned once again the intelligence of her species. “Yeah, well listen up Rudy, it’s no longer a matter of trying to prove climate change is happening or even trying to stop it anymore, but just trying to limit the amount of garbage we put in the air and lessen the future effects of it as much as we can, while we can.”
            “But as long as America stays strong we’ll be OK,” Rudy maintained.
            “What do you mean? When did America drift off the planet? Whatever happens to Earth happens to us too!”
            “Really?” Rudy asked skeptically.
            “Of course Rudy, we’re all in this together.”
            “Oh everything’s going to be fine,” Rudy said optimistically. “Just as soon as the economy gets going again. I mean I know I don’t have all the answers, or even that many good questions, but I think I know the answer to the really big question and that’s simply that everybody’s got to get fired up about our economy and ramp up their spending!”
            “Rudy, the materialism and consumerism you’re promoting is what’s killing the planet!” Jaz cried passionately.
            “But I love planet Earth! I’m just trying to help America first, that’s all! Maybe once I get America back on track I can try and help save the planet too.”
            “Maybe you aren’t so harmless Rudy,” Jaz said looking at him and shaking her head, “’cause you get America back on track and that just might be the end of the world.”
            “You sound just like Reverend Billy Cracker who preaches about how the End of the World’s coming any day, and he prays all the time for it to happen too, and I bet if he was here right now he’d say mass extinction and global warming are probably really good signs that the End of the World’s finally here and that soon we’ll all be happily floating up in the air with Jesus!”
            “Oh man, I gotta laugh,” Jaz said, and she did, hard. When she was finished, she said, “Man oh man, this talk is getting more and more crazy by the minute—I’ve never been compared to Billy Cracker before! How about this, I think if you’re successful, it’ll probably help America in the short run, at least economically, but we’re all going to lose in the long run. America and the world can’t avoid paying the price for destroying the environment like we’ve done and continue to do. Global warming’s just the beginning, just one symptom, one effect of our combined behaviors, and we’re not only going to have to quickly change the way we do things but continue to change as we adapt to a changing world. As for other species of life, whatever intact environments are left will become refuges for them and we’ll see which ones can hang on.
            “And despite what I said about the end of the world, I actually have a great faith in the resiliency of life. While we might destroy the world for our own species and most of the other species around us, I’m pretty sure that life’ll carry on in some form or another, and that over time the Earth’ll heal herself and life will flourish once again—whether there’s any of us hominines around to see it or not. ’Cause face it, it’s going to be a rough ride for a lot of people. I’d suggest you learn how to plant a garden and figure out what you can eat off the land while you can.”
            “That’s just how I lived back home,” Rudy said happily, “before I had my vision and started The Operation American Freedom Tour. I guess I could always go back to that way of life if I had to, but there’s no going back for me right now—I’ve got to get to Daytona for the AASCAR race! Do you want to go?”

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“PASSION is never boring…Rudy’s affection and admiration for our consumer culture is so PERSUASIVE that the next time you think about it you might be INSPIRED to kneel before the nearest mall in recognition of its sprawling contributions to mankind!” — The New American Review

“American civilization, from its very inception, has been INTERTWINED with the evolution of the consumer. From PRACTICAL economics to the philosophical and spiritual realms, Dipper amazes readers with Rudy’s GRAND journey!” — Historical News

“An ELEGANT manifesto…A nuanced and EVOCATIVE explanation of just why consumer confidence matters!”
— Bill Henry,
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Seattle Post-Intelligender

“Rudy Can’t Fail is absolutely FEARLESS! The forceful, engaging, always touching story of Rudy’s METEORIC rise to the national stage…a genuine TOUR DE FORCE!”
The New York Tribunal

“Sebuah buku yang hebat, itu mengapung di atas air sumur!” — Berita Dunia Yang Mengambang

“One of the GREAT books of our generation!” — American Scholars

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