Preview 4/Chapter 21: Enter Curbside

“Check it, like Dr. Seuss n’ Mother Mongoose, I’m a King Kong moose loose on the caboose rhymin’ n’ rappin’ with his yummy-yum gums flappin’, changin’ the waverin’ flavor of a quaverin’ nation with a savory n’ saucy new word sensation, titillatin’ the taste buds of the binded minds of our time n’ preventin’ victims of the dictum from sproutin’ in the kingdom, yo! Ya’ll hear what Curbside’s sayin’, he’s a true revolutionary, a serious solutionary, rhymin’ freestylin’ no use for the dictionary, not goin’ fishin’ this time I’m dishin’ the rhyme, fightin’ oppression with groove and suggestion, keepin’ ’em guessin’ by messin’ n’ fessin’ up all night at hip-hop lesson sessions, freein’ the masses of the American crew by gettin’ ’em movin’ their Chinese-made American shoes, hip-hop beats n’ U.S. screws throwin’ out every nude clue in the zoo for the true blue freedom a you n’ you n’ YOU is what Curbside DO, Cap’n A! Keepin’ it real for real with abundant zeal n’ appeal to make ’em all jump n’ squeal, bro! See, Curbside got a dream too n’ he sees that it’s high time for every body to be able to live styley, yo! Check it, time’s come for every body to be free to wear the fine silky gear and hang with the plucked n’ tucked chicks like one gigantic titanic super-dynamic antic n’ frantic Pacific-to-Atlantic Soul Train, yo! Coast to coast freedom slidin’ wiiide n’ undenied from side to side, YO!”
            “Wow! That’s really amazing Curbside! I hope your dream comes true and I admire your efforts, I really do, for during these days of War and Terror, it’s important for each and every one of us be a spending and splurging economic cross-bearer.”
            “Hey that’s not bad, Cap’n A! Ya gettin’ ya groove on, n’ that’s ez-actly what Curbside’s sayin’, yo! Check it, the day is today, know what I’m sayin’, self-expression with selection n’ direction leads to success n’ perfection n’ wins the election every time, yo! Cut to the bone n’ drive it home, hone the tone n’ jam the phone of the ol’ crone, find the zone n’ always atone for the unknown clone, make it real for real for the Red-White-n’-Blue Crew, tha’s what we gotta do, yo! Check it, Curbside may be Mormon, but he be stormin’ n’ formin’ revelations ’bout devils in the nation preachin’ conservation n’ upsettin’ the equation of America’s economic situation, yo! ’Cause materialism n’ commercialism are the lubrication, know what I’m sayin’, for if a thing ain’t right it’s wrong n’ with all my might I’ll sing my song like a two-ton ding-dong dugong ’bout how we gotta fight to keep it strong if we want to live long and party on with the girls in the sexy thongs, n’ so every night I be a high-flyer drawin’ ire with my sharp satire keepin’ the feet of the Empire to the fire so they all aspire to acquire the posh attire, yo! Tha’s right, dream on, I ain’t no pawn with a con all hype n’ no bomb but the one n’ only one bringin’ in a new dawn, I’m the bon vivant rappin’ savant tellin’ ’em all ya gotta do is every day be the dilettante n’ buy whatcha whatcha want, yo!”

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And still more critical acclaim for Rudy Can’t Fail by W. Dipper:

“BRILLIANT! Dipper achieves a special tension, too rare in books but essential in epic POETRY: the drama of a hero who is wrestling with his demons, his frightful limitations and his FATE to achieve something truly lasting…In his hands, Rudy’s fight over the heart of the American consumer becomes nothing less than a battle for the SOUL of America!” — Geneva Banks, Publishers Daily

“MESMERIZING! It brings Rudy J. Swingle blazing across America and into our minds…Rife with drama and HYPNOTIC in the telling!” — Newsweekly

“Dipper’s immersion in Rudy yields a fascinating, ENTERTAINING abundance…Rudy Can’t Fail splendidly reassembles the heady days of The Operation American Freedom Tour!” — Simple Living

“Burns MIKILL! Vinsamlegast senda fleiri!”
Ísland Halastjarna

“Rudy Can’t Fail triumphs as a sustained feat of SHIMMERING lyricism. Dipper’s brief scenes, his abrupt transitions and IMAGISTIC notations of character and milieu suggest anticipations of contemporary CINEMATIC style far more than the massive monuments of recent novelistic tradition! The ingeniously casual language of Rudy Can’t Fail is a thing to behold indeed!”
— Rolf Phingerbender, Noonday Sun

“A BOUYANT, energizing book, not only readable…but DRAMATIC! Dipper gives us the real flesh and blood Rudy in this fine and SENSITIVE work!”
— Seymour Vendenhoffleer, Village Voices