Preview 5/Chapter 25: Standing Cloud

They left the teepee and walked up a small hill under the sun. In the distance, tall towers with slowly turning blades could be seen above a herd of grazing horses. George Standing Cloud said, “I too used to be young and silly, and believe in the white man’s progress. After returning from the Korean War, I tried to adopt his ways and live in his cities. They are something else! All the tall buildings and all the people from all of the nations of the earth! And all the busy-ness and noise! But I do not understand how they work, these cities—they are a marvel, but they also seem like houses made of cards, something that is not meant to last.”
            “Well I wouldn’t know about all that,” Rudy said good-naturedly, “I’m not much of a card player.”
            “Yes, well that is probably a good thing Rudy.” Standing Cloud stopped and looked away across the plains and pointed to some clouds that were passing over like a herd of animals leaving shadows upon the grass. “Look at the clouds Wasichu,” he said, “have you ever watched the clouds pass over the land? Have you ever sat in one place all day and watched them?”
            “Yes I have!” Rudy answered enthusiastically. “I love to watch the clouds and I watch them all the time!”
            Standing Cloud looked at Rudy for a moment and then he looked back out over the plains. “Hmm! Well maybe you understand then that to watch the clouds is to grasp the bigness of things—the great peacefulness and power and mystery of all things. It is something you will never understand unless you do it day after day. A man could spend a lifetime watching clouds pass over the land and still I do not think he would know all the wisdom and beauty of this creation. It gives one a sense of the bigness of this world and the smallness of each person, yet also of the connectedness of all people and all things through time, of the constant motion of all things, and so reminds one of the preciousness of this time we spend together here—how valuable it is—it is something that we should take great care to pass on to others for it is a path to much understanding.”
            Rudy was silent, for he had just spotted a cloud that looked exactly like a squirrel holding an acorn.
            “Most people don’t think watching clouds is important,” Standing Cloud continued, “but it’s at least as important as anything else. Clouds lift you out of yourself and teach patience, perception, appreciation of beauty, understanding of nature and her ways—and these are at least as important as knowing how to manage books or trade shares of stock. Clouds are here and gone but they are real, while money is just a notion of the human animal, less real than an acorn is to a squirrel.”
            “Yes!” Rudy cried. “I see it now!”
            “Well then, Wasichu, you may also know that with clouds and other forms of nature you learn about the beauty and wholeness of life, while with money you only learn about the desperation of the human being. Sure, it’s good to have a little change around because it makes life easier,” Standing Cloud said, “but that’s not what life is about. I think if you do not walk beneath the clouds with your feet on the earth and the wind in your hair and your eyes open, it is hard to see these things. In the cities, I never could see them. It seemed when I lived in those places of millions of people that it was the whole world, and that those with the most money enjoyed life the most, and so that was important. Out here that is not important, out here the richest man is closest to the earth, with the most understanding of life and the greatest peace.”


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