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More compelling reviews for Rudy Cant Fail by W. Dipper:

“Luscious and completely ADDICTIVE! Reveals the impenetrable mystique of one of America’s greatest heroes…Rudy Can't Fail is a juicy, FASCINATING read from cover to cover!” — Vanity Fare

“MESMERIZING! Rudy Can't Fail is a brilliant, kaleidoscopic slice of life!” — Newsweekly

“A WILD, abundant, breathtaking work!” — Seattle Times

“MONUMENTAL and unforgettable!  Will delight hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of readers!  A GLORIOUS book!” — Publisher News

“Makes no apologies, takes no prisoners, and no PATRIOTIC American’s bookshelf should be without it!” — Doyle Vingnutt, Associates Press

“Une histoire DÉCHIRANTE au sujet des Américains avides capitalista!” — Le Monde Diplomatiques

“Get off the phone! Rudy's story is like reading about the Founding Fathers all over again! Paul Revere on horseback! Tom Paine and the Minutemen striking a blow for FREE market capitalism! Patrick Henry blowing up the bridge to socialism! It's TOO MUCH! Thank you Dipper for telling his story, and thank you Rudy for helping save all that's good about America!”
— Glen Becky, Emotional Therapist, FOX Newsday

“An ELEGANT keepsake of a historic moment!”
— Joe Farrago, On The Pavement

“Rudy Can’t Fail is one of those books that takes you over as you read it, INVADING your thoughts and dreams, lodging its cadences in the folds of your brain, summoning you back again and again!” — Entertainment Daily

“A sure-shot BESTSELLER…juicy, shocking, brilliant!”

“This is a wonderful AMERICAN story filled with VISION, adventure, hardship, and final TRIUMPH!”
— Hoyt Humpers, On Climbing The Mountain

“Patriotism, adventure, SEX, sin, heroism, redemption, Rudy Can’t Fail has it all!  A vast SAGA as big and grand as America!” — Chicago Moon-Times

“W. Dipper is the most GREATEST of writers and the most STEALTHY of satirists!” — Rocky Mountain Oyster Review

“Big book of grand ADVENTURE! Drama, comedy, brilliantly etched people and Rudy’s travels among them…the stuff of LEGENDS!” — Chico Sunspot









Preview 2/Chapter 5: Enter Terra

As Rudy returned home later that evening, he saw his teepee aglow and his heart jumped. He snuck up the last few paces and peeked in the flap and saw his girlfriend Terra there stirring a pot of lentil beans over a nice hot fire. “Ah, my lovely Terra,” he said to himself, “coming and going like the wind!”
            Rudy entered with a somersault through the flap and announced exuberantly, “Baby! Dinkyworld! You want to go?”
            She shrieked, nearly upsetting the lentils into the fire. “Goddamn it Rudy! You scared me to death!”
            “I’m sorry—I’m sorry, baby!” he said grabbing and hugging her, stroking her back to soothe her, “I was just so excited to see you, and…and Dinkyworld, that’s all.”
            “What? hey Rudy—” and then Rudy kissed her and then she kissed back. It had been a while.
            “So where you been?” she finally asked.
            “Oh Terra,” he said, “my mind and I have been in and out and all over the world! I understand things now that I never did before!”
            She blushed and giggled and hugged Rudy, proud of him. “That can wait,” she whispered with a hot rush of breath in his ear, “what I want now is you!”
            Now there’s nothing like making love in a teepee, with the fire and shadows dancing, and that night was no different. Finally though, they lay there holding one another in the firelight. The lentils burbled like magma. Rudy stroked her dreadlocks and she purred against him.
            Suddenly he sat up, remembering, “Hey! like I said, baby! Dinkyworld!—you want to go?”
            “What? Oh, Dinkyworld? What are you talking about lover?”
            “Dinkyworld! In Orlando! Florida! The Grapefruit State! C’mon baby, it’ll be great—the President said we should go!”
            “Ha-ha! Stop it Rudy, you’re completely crazy!”
            She grabbed him and kissed him and he came to life again. They rolled about under the blankets, making love once more as the fire hissed and cracked. It was good and finally when it was over, they rolled up cigarettes and lay together smoking and looking at the fire. Her face was flushed and beautiful with that post-coital glow—little beads of sweat caught on the curl of her upper lip. A soft wind blew, rustling the skin of the teepee.
            “Hey, so what’s up with the ‘God bless America!’ thing?” she asked Rudy with a curious smile.
            “What do you mean?”
            “Right when you were—you know—you moaned out ‘God Bless America’—that’s new to me.”
            “Oh…I don’t know…Oh! yes!—listen, like I was trying to tell you, I’ve gotten some stuff down, I mean I’ve figured some things out since I last saw you!”
            And then Rudy told her all that had passed—his epiphany at The Buzzard’s Roost, his horror at discovering the treasonous lifestyle he was living, his solemn oath upon the hilltop, how he got his Zirconium Card, and his plan at redemption. She laughed and thought he was making it all up to amuse her, but then Rudy showed her the card—the Zirconium Card—and his airplane tickets for Orlando. “Come with me baby,” he urged excitedly, “we’ll be Freedom Fighters together!”
            “Wow,” Terra said with a kind of puzzled smile. “I’m beginning to think you’re serious and that it was a bad idea coming over here tonight. You’re a Gemini and your moon is way off right now—”
            “—No, c’mon, it’ll be great! Listen baby, don’t you see! It’s like I’m Noah or somebody, like I’ve been up on a mountaintop talking with a burning bush and now I see how it all is!”
            “Yeah, OK crazy man, so what do you see?”